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Turnkey Surface and Well Abandonment Solutions You Can Trust

Environmentally Sound, Safe, and On Schedule

Turnkey Surface and Well Abandonment Solutions You Can Trust

Environmentally Sound, Safe, and On Schedule

Surface Well Abandonment and Decommissioning Services

RHC well and surface abandonment services offer turnkey solutions for the oil and gas industries with a focus on safety and environmentally sound processes. Our solutions demonstrate our complete surface abandonment capabilities including the equipment, knowledge, expertise, experience, and processes to complete the project right the first time.

Abandonment and Decommissioning Capabilities

Abandonment and Decommissioning Capabilities and Equipment

RHC has been delivering high-quality, safe, and on-time projects to some of the biggest firms in the business since 1977. We have all the specialized equipment necessary for well head and surface abandonment cleanup including earth-moving equipment and cranes. Our processes are well-established and proven to complete work safely and include environmentally sound strategies and measures. We do this every day – safety and performance are part of our culture.

Safety is Built-in to RHC Processes

Our performance is process and schedule oriented to ensure each project is completed properly, safely, and on time. We are heavily focused on control and safety. Our industry is highly-regulated when it comes to well abandonment clean up services and we carefully adhere to regulatory bodies and guidelines to ensure safe operations for every project.

Abandonment and Decommissioning Safety Processes

Experienced Turnkey Abandonment Solutions

You can trust RHC’s well-established safety-driven processes. Our experience includes top names in the oil and gas industry such as Exxon and Chevron proving we have the experience and expertise you can trust to get your project done right and completed safely and on time. What we bring to the table:

Prior experience

Processes in place to ensure safe work environments

Specialized equipment

Trusted partners to contract for the tasks not handled internally

Handling of required permits

Adherence to regulatory bodies

RHC has a reputation for delivering solutions fully customized to our client’s needs. Our goal is to work within the well abandonment and decommissioning sector while placing an emphasis on safety for our customers, the public, and the environment. All projects are completed under current regulatory bodies and guidelines to ensure safe operations.