Company History

Since our foundation in 1977, our company provides safety, quality, and productivity to oilfield construction services.

RHC originally started as Robert Heely Construction, Inc. headquartered in Paso Robles, California. But the company’s operations gradually expanded. RHC then served regions throughout central and southern California, and the business continuously grew. Furthermore, RHC’s construction services also increased from welding and mechanical work to include civil construction, drilling, abandonments, and more.

In 2006, Robert Heely Construction, Inc. became Robert Heely Construction, LP or RHC. Since then, our team keeps working hard and growing our operations. We now have a top-notch well abandonment team. Best of all, we carry the latest technologies, such as hydro excavation. Also, we added a concrete division.

After years of quality work and growth, RHC became a leader in oilfield construction and maintenance. Today, RHC is a fully-integrated company servicing regions throughout California and beyond.

Mission, Vision, Values

RHC gets better over the decades because we work hard, we’re attentive, and we have experience. For this reason, our staff approaches every client as an opportunity to get better and work harder. From start to finish, our construction projects cater to your needs. Most of all, we are community stewards in each area we work.