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Safety is controlling exposure to self and others
"everyday....Everyone stays alive & well"!

RHC is committed to meeting a set of high safety standards throughout the process of each of the construction services we perform.

1 Our Safety Philosophy

By following our safety philosophy, we take every safety measure necessary to make sure every day everyone goes home alive and well while completing every task the right way every time.

2 Internal Safety Measures

RHC requires comprehensive safety training for all our employees and contractors. We dispatch an experienced and highly-qualified team of dedicated safety professionals to serve on every job site.

3 How We Do It

RHC provides a set of safety measures and deliverables designed for our customers through our RHC Safety team and resources.

4 Our Safety Awards

Safety is an integral part of our work philosophy. But don’t just take our word for it! RHC has received numerous safety awards throughout the years.