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The RHC Process

Our Team is Committed to Continuous Improvement, Training, & Development with Project Controls

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Continuous Improvements

Our Team is committed to Continuous Improvement of Industrial Construction & Fabrication Services

At RHC we don’t believe in remaining stagnant. We continually strive to improve in ways that benefit our customers, employees, and every individual who deals with our company. The suite of construction services we offer has evolved since our inception in 1977 to meet changing needs throughout the decades. That’s just one example of how we’ve improved. 

We use analytical tools like Lean, Six Sigma, and 5S to pinpoint areas in which we can improve. By using these process-improvement protocols as our guide, our continuous improvement efforts is responsible for overseeing these processes to make sure we’re providing the best service to customers and best work environment for employees.

Process Improvement Protocols

All customers Benefit from these continuous improvement measures

Our dedicated Continuous Improvement team doesn’t just push paper and crunch numbers. They provide the following concrete services that have allowed our company to push the limits and boost our accomplishments month to month and year to year.

Our Team:

  • Tracks customer surveys and acts on suggestions and recommendations as well as recognizes employees who are identified as going the extra mile.
  • Performs productivity studies to gauge the effectiveness of the processes involved in a specific project, whenever a customer requests it.
  • Develops key performance indicators to evaluate successes and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Provides our customers with a workforce that has been trained to identify production waste and report it, ultimately saving customers time and money.
  • Develops process flow maps and manages value streams to make sure that our efforts are being expended to maximize productivity.

We never stop looking for ways to improve

Yes, we have a dedicated Continuous Improvement Team, but every employee is a member of that team. Every team member is encouraged to submit COMMWIP and “Just Do It” cards. These cards are submitted to the CI team and local management who evaluate the suggestions for possible Kaizen opportunities or quick process changes that can be made to eliminate waste and increase production and safety. Over the years we have discovered the best most effective solutions come from the people closest to the work.

Each member of management has completed Six Sigma, Lean, and 5S training. Administrative employees are encouraged to make suggestions, identify and eliminate waste and defects, and implement efficiency-boosting opportunities identified through the Kaizen method. Everyone is involved in bettering the RHC experience. We use the formal Communicating Waste in Process lean-manufacturing protocol to boost efficiency throughout the entire organization.

Safety Through Training and Development

Learn and grow with RHC

RHC is committed to meeting a set of high safety standards throughout the process of each of the construction services we perform. Following our safety philosophy, we take every safety measure necessary to make sure every day everyone goes home alive and well while completing every task the right way every time. A key component of our safety program is our training program.  Our training program is the foundation to ensure that our employees know the proper way to perform the work in the safest possible way.

Learn and grow with RHC

Our in-house team is focused on developing and conducting training programs designed to:

  • Enhance the overall industry knowledge and skills of all RHC employees
  • Increase productivity
  • Prevent incidents
  • Create a secure work environment
  • Develop leadership qualities

RHC also conducts ongoing refresher training to equip our employees with the most up-to-date information to help them exceed all customer expectations.

Our Training programs use a comprehensive set of requirements including:

  • “Training Blueprints” outline requirements for each workgroup
  • Requirements established with input from Operations, Safety & Training
  • Requirements encompass safety, tools, and equipment, job tasks (SOPs), computer skills, CI & Lean Six Sigma, employment law, leadership, and management skills

Specialized Training programs for key groups:

  • Front Line Supervisors
  • Persons-In-Charge (PICs)
  • Short Service Employees (SSEs)

Design and Delivery:

  • Training staff skilled in instructional design
  • Selective partnerships with external vendors
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) instructors from all lines of business – Training, Safety, Operations

State of the Art Reporting and Record-Keeping:

  • Cloud-based tracking and record-keeping utilizing ISNetworld®
  • Training status reports emailed monthly and on-demand to supervisors, managers, and Safety personnel
  • Hard copy record management system, as backup

Project Control Throughout Your Entire Construction Job.

RHC offers our clients total ease of mind by taking complete control of their construction projects. From the very start, we deliver complete and accurate estimates on every project based on our clients’ individual needs, including accurate cost estimates using industry-leading estimating software.

RHC uses an Earned Value Management system to track and forecast project costs.  This system combined with detailed project scheduling allows us to provide detailed cost forecasts.

Each project begins with a detailed estimate that breaks down your project into a logical Work Breakdown Structure that is identified by trackable units of measure.  We then track our project via Earned Value Management to identify performance against each WBS element.  This allows us to identify early in the process where schedule or budget risk may occur and implement corrective actions to mitigate those risks.

Project Control and Management Services offered throughout the Western and Mid-Continent United States.

Project Control Services Include:

  • Project Estimating
  • Project Identification and Scoping
  • Cost Forecasting
  • Quantity Take-Offs
  • Project Management
  • Project Forecasting
  • Project Scheduling
  • Document Management
  • Project Reporting
  • Project Cost Tracking Using Earned Value Management System
Project Control Throughout Your Entire Job