Our Safety Philosophy

RHC is committed to meeting a set of high safety standards throughout the process of each of the construction services we perform. By following our safety philosophy, we take every safety measure necessary to make sure every day everyone goes home alive and well while completing every task the right way every time.

The RHC Safety Philosophy

   Everyone Goes Home Alive and Well Every Day!

  • All injuries, incidents and occupational illnesses are preventable.
  • Preventing incidents and injuries to ensure all employees go home safe every day is our most important business objective.
  • Safety is line management’s responsibility, including front-line supervisors.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Employees have the obligation to stop unsafe operations

Our team has worked tirelessly to develop our own brand of safety. We’ve developed sets of quality safety measures and services for both internal and external use, making our approach to safety different from any other construction company.

Our internal safety measures include:

  • RHC requires comprehensive safety training for all our employees and contractors.
  • We dispatch an experienced and highly-qualified team of dedicated safety professionals to serve on every job site.
  • A highly-trained Behavior Based Safety Management (BBSM) team.
  • An industry-leading incident investigation process.
  • A custom-built safety database and incident reporting system.

How We Do It

  • Preparation and Planning

    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for most activities
    • Job Safety Plans (JSP’s) for all High Hazard Activities
    • Job Safety Analysis’ (JSA’s) for all field processes every day
  • Employee Engagement

    • Behavior-Based Safety Management (BBSM) since 1997 & licensed with BST
    • Stop Work Authority Taken (SWAT) process with which all employees are empowered and expected to participate in
  • Leadership Engagement

    • Safety Advisors coach and mentor RHC operational supervision
    • Managers perform advanced safety audits with customers
    • Executive engagement at safety meetings and in the field at all locations
  • Advanced Information Systems

    • Comprehensive Reporting and Information Management System. This system gives us the data to perform advanced predictive analytics to spot breakdowns in our system or potential high probability incidents before they happen.  In this system we track all:
      • Incidents
      • Near Hits
      • SWAT Cards
      • Corrective Actions
      • Reports
      • Scorecards
    • Compliance Assurance System. This is a closed loop system which allows us to track our audit results and corrective actions to ensure that corrective actions are being implemented and followed up on in a timely manner.  This system tracks all:
      • Job Safety Reviews
      • Audits
      • Corrective Actions
      • Reports
      • Scorecards


RHC also provides a set of safety measures and deliverables designed for our customers through our RHC Safety team and resources.

Every customer receives these services:

  • Onsite job review and analysis
  • Safety resources
  • Training resources
  • Data analysis
  • Incident investigation
  • Risk management

Don’t just take our word for it, RHC has received the following safety awards:

ABC STEP Platinum Award   2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

To achieve ABC’s STEP Platinum level, among other requirements, a company must have a total recordable incident rate at least 25 percent below specific industry averages for their NAICS Code and maintain an EMR of 0.80.

ABC STEP Diamond Award   2014, 2017

To achieve ABC’s STEP Diamond level, among other requirements, a company must have a total recordable incident rate at least 50 percent below specific industry averages for their NAICS Code and maintain an EMR of 0.70.

ABC National Safety Merit Award     2010, 2011, 2012

ABC National Safety Excellence Award     2009, 2013

The National Safety Excellence Award sets companies apart from their competition. Consider this: Out of 30,000+ ABC member firms across the country, fewer than 800 are eligible to apply— that’s less than 3 percent of the entire ABC membership! Of those fortunate few, only twelve won the honor of calling themselves “National Safety Excellence Award winners” for 2013 — the pinnacle of safety achievement in merit shop construction.

ABC National Safety Pinnacle Award      2014

To achieve ABC’s highest Safety Excellence Award, a company must have previously won the National Safety Excellence Award and be judged by a National Board of Directors as a “Truly World Class” safety organization. In 2014 there were only seven companies to be recognized at ABC’s highest level of safety performance in the United States.