Reclamation & Facility Management

RHC is a turnkey provider of quality maintenance management and field improvement services. Best of all, our highly trained professionals rarely need to outsource or subcontract workers. However, when we do, we train them in safety, quality, and production before they’re sent on site.


  • Road Reclamation:

We construct newly stabilized roads. Also, our team handles the material recycling of existing roads, asphalt, oil sand and aggregates.

  • Oilfield Waste Management:

Furthermore, we manage oilfield waste materials. And oilfield waste materials include drilling muds, clarifiers, sludge and waste oils, scrap metals, well-heads, and wood diatomaceous earth. Also, waste materials also include trash, water, concrete and hazardous materials.

  • Repurposing Oilfield Materials:

RHC explores options for recycling waste materials and creates usable products for oilfield industry use. Furthermore, these products include dirt exports, oil-sand production, and concrete ag-base.

  • Weigh Master Scale-House Operation:

We provide customized, exported materials reporting. Also, we provide issues, and file materials manifest. Moreover, we divert trucks to off-loading areas.

  • Pumping Services:

We offer semi-solid pumping services for cleaning sand-basins and drilling mud disposal. And we provide relocation and manage wastewater.

  • Qualified Drivers:

Furthermore, our drivers use quality trucks to deliver secondary-use “export” materials to oilfield sites.