Rat Hole/ Hydro Excavation

RHC’s highly-trained professionals conduct critical field improvement services including rathole drilling and hydro excavation. Also, we use rathole drilling to prepare drill sites to support drilling rigs. Did you know that rathole rigs are far more compact and less intrusive than traditional rigs? Moreover, hydro excavation is used when traditional drilling or digging is found unsafe or inefficient. Furthermore, it involves pumping pressurized water into the earth to break up soil, and it simultaneously evacuates this soil-and-water slurry using an industrial-strength vacuum attached to a debris tank.

Rat Hole/ Hydro Excavation Services:

Our skilled team considers safety and quality workmanship highly important. When you trust RHC to be your construction partner, you can be confident we’ll follow a strict safety protocol; best of all, we never cut corners or take unnecessary risks. We offer the following excavation services that serve as the groundwork for a successful build:

Well Site Preparation:

Before a well can be placed, the site must be prepared. RHC has the tools, experience, and equipment to prepare the site in a timely fashion.

Drilling Pad Building and Reclamation:

Our teams will build drilling pads to withstand the toughest operating conditions. Also, we will reclaim and upgrade existing pads to make them more reliable.

Drilling Surface Holes:

We have a full fleet of drilling rigs capable of drilling holes as deep as 100-plus feet. Additionally, our skilled team will operate our drills safely.

Dirt Excavation:

We can grade and excavate any volume of dirt, mud, and sand even on hills and challenging terrain.

Excavation of New and Existing Roads, Asphalt, Sand, Oil, and Aggregates:

The more complicated the excavated material, the more careful you should be in choosing a provider. Finally, trust us to get your job done!

Mass Excavation:

No job is too large for RHC. Also, we can even excavate the largest sites.

Confined Space Entry:

Our trained, confined space entry professionals conduct all safe entry procedures and are OSHA certified.

Over Excavation and Compaction to Soil Engineered Specifications:

We’ve got the knowledge to meet strict engineering specifications required for your job.

Sump and Pit Excavation, Lining, and Reclamation:

Excavating, lining, and reclaiming sumps and pits should only be entrusted to a company with specific experience in this arena. We have the industry experience and an unwavering commitment to safety. Therefore, RHC has both the expertise and commitment to safety you need.