Mechanical Construction

RHC offers many services to meet your mechanical construction needs. Whether your project requires prefabrication welding or infield and onsite fabrication construction services, our trained professional team has the resources, skills, and capacity to complete the job. All of our welders are ASME certified.

At RHC our philosophy is to pre-fabricate as much of the project offsite in a controlled environment as possible. This allows us to deliver a higher quality product in a more cost-efficient manner, ultimately, delivering better value to our customers.

Most importantly, our skilled team values safety, quality workmanship, and effective time management for each of our endeavors. Whether the job is a small project or long-term undertaking, the RHC Team is enthusiastic and committed to producing work of the highest caliber and precision. Additionally, the degree and measure of communication with our staff will be directed by the customer’s preference. When you hire RHC, you invest in quality construction services done the first time correctly.

Mechanical Construction Services:

Prefabrication Welding and Assembly:

  • Pipeline and Spool Prefabrication
  • Manifold Prefabrication
  • Y-headers and Wellhead Prefabrication
  • Skid Assembly
  • Pipe Supports and Pipe Racks

Infield and Onsite Fabrication:

  • Above and Below Ground Pipeline Assembly
  • Existing Mechanical Demolition Services
  • Flowline and Group line installation
  • Manifold Installation
  • Multiple Line or Group Line Assembly
  • Vessel or Tank Tie-ins
  • “R-Stamp” Code Welding and Boiler and Pressure Vessel Welding
  • Pump Installation Service
  • Emergency Welding Service
  • General Structural Fabrication and Erection Service