Maintaining Safety and Improving Production

RHC is a turnkey provider of quality maintenance and field improvement services. In addition, we rarely outsource or subcontract workers because our staff is highly-experienced. But when we do, we train them in safety, quality, and production before they’re sent on site.

Maintenance & Improvement Services:

Site Supervision:

Our trained, construction site supervisors conduct proper project practices and methods. Also, they practice quality control and safety optimization. Consequently, their training ensures that we conduct and reach project goals safely and properly.

Planning Scheduling:

Also, RHC’s planning scheduling experts help you reach your goals by creating a clear plan for all workers.


Additionally, we provide accurate estimating services so you know what to expect from your project.

Tank Cleaning:

Our professionals provide safe and reliable tank cleaning services. And we do all this while keeping you on schedule and within budget.

Pit Cleaning:

In fact, our cleaning technicians use the latest technologies to ensure your equipment stays clean!

Vessel Cleaning:

Like our tank and pit cleaning services, RHC has highly-trained professionals who clean your equipment.

Confined Space Entry:

Our confined space entry professionals conduct safe entry procedures, knowledgeable and complaint to California and Federal OSHA standards.

Confined Space/Tier II Rescue:

You can hire our certified rescue team to oversee and ensure your employees’ safety at your facility.

SCBA Work:

Also, RHC has an SCBA team specifically trained for safe and effective work requiring an SCBA.

Road Grading:

And we have the equipment needed to offer quality road grading and paving services.

Locations Work:

RHC’s trained professionals provide locations work for your project.

Pipeline and Structural Welding:

Our trained, welding professionals remain fully insured and certified.

Bolt Up and Tie-in Work:

Our trained staff provides an efficient, safe, and reliable bolt and tie-in services.

Concrete Pads and Foundations:

Our experts specialize in a variety of concrete slab and foundation support.

Installation of Supports:

Also, we’re able to work closely with our clients to complete the most precise and safe support installations.

R-stamp Repair Work:

Our mechanical services include R stamp welding and repair work by certified steam boiler repair professionals.

Excavation and Grading:

Our team specializes in the latest excavation and grading techniques, using top of the line equipment.

Welded Poly Line Installation:

RHC has trained and certified poly line installers, experienced in using all equipment to complete procedures.