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Training & Development

Learn and grow with RHC

RHC is committed to meeting a set of high safety standards throughout the process of each of the construction services we perform. Following our safety philosophy, we take every safety measure necessary to make sure every day everyone goes home alive and well while completing every task the right way every time. A key component of our safety program is our training program.  Our training program is the foundation to ensure that our employees know the proper way to perform the work in the safest possible way.

In-house training:

Our in-house team is focused on developing and conducting training programs designed to:

  • • Enhance the overall industry knowledge and skills of all RHC employees
  • • Increase productivity
  • • Prevent incidents
  • • Create a secure work environment
  • • Develop leadership qualities

RHC also conducts ongoing refresher training to equip our employees with the most up-to-date information to help them exceed all customer expectations.

Our Training programs use a comprehensive set of requirements including:

  • • “Training Blueprints” outline requirements for each workgroup
  • • Requirements established with input from Operations, Safety & Training
  • • Requirements encompass safety, tools, and equipment, job tasks (SOPs), computer skills, CI & Lean Six Sigma, employment law, leadership, and management skills

Specialized Training programs for key groups:

  • • Front Line Supervisors
  • • Persons-In-Charge (PICs)
  • • Short Service Employees (SSEs)

Design and Delivery:

  • • Training staff skilled in instructional design
  • • Selective partnerships with external vendors
  • • Subject Matter Expert (SME) instructors from all lines of business – Training, Safety, Operations

State of the Art Reporting and Record-Keeping: