RHC Committed to Improvement

At RHC, we continually improve our services to benefit our customers, employees, and every person affiliated. The many construction services we offer evolved since our company’s inception in 1977. And we’ll keep evolving to meet changing needs throughout the decades. 

Also, we employ an entire team whose job it is to use analytical tools like Lean, Six Sigma, and 5S to pinpoint the areas we need to work on. When we use these process-improvement protocols as our guide, our continuous improvement team stays on top!


  • RHC reduced its morning start time by developing a Time Managment standard for Monday and Thursday’s site tailgates.
  • Also, RHC reduced its trucking material cost. We improved our trucking cycle time by using a Harvest site closer to South Property’s work.
  • Our team switched to pneumatic hammers, which reduced hammering incidents in the Frac process.
  • By switching hammers, we reduced the possibility of metal chips from hammer unions hitting our employees.
  • RHC improved the Safety, Quality, and Productivity for every crew member performing Energy Control procedures.
  • We developed standard, prefilled out Energy Control forms to reduce form completion time.
  • RHC developed a form that identifies all work required per contractor on each well to avoid unscheduled callouts.
  • Tracks customer surveys, acts on recommendations, and recognizes employees who work extra hard. 
  • Performs productivity studies when customers request it to gauge a project’s effectiveness. 
  • Develops key performance indicators to evaluate successes and identify areas that need improvement.
  • Provides our customers with a trained workforce that identifies production waste.
  • Also, reports production waste, which saves customers time and money.
  • Develops process flow maps and manages value streams to ensure that our efforts maximize productivity.
  • We reduced the time it takes to complete the customer’s and RHC’s ULA forms. Furthermore, we improved our daily start time.

We Never Stop Looking for Ways to Improve

Yes, we have a dedicated Continuous Improvement Team and every employee works in that team. Furthermore, all team members submit COMMWIP and “Just Do It” cards. Once submitted to the CI team and local management, these submissions help us evaluate suggestions for possible Kaizen opportunities or quick process changes; moreover, these changes can be made to eliminate waste and increase production and safety. Over the years, we discovered the most effective solutions come from the people who work diligently. 

Each member of management has completed Six Sigma, Lean, and 5S training. In addition, administrative employees are encouraged to make suggestions, identify and eliminate waste and defects, and implement efficiency-boosting opportunities. These efficiency-boosting opportunities within the Kaizen method work best. Also, we use the formal Communicating Waste in Process lean-manufacturing protocol to boost efficiency throughout the entire organization. As a result, everyone gets involved in bettering the RHC experience.